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Amanda Palmer - In My Mind (x)


hands up if you’ve got feels


Do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna fight?
Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night?

No regrets
Noblesse oblige
Do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna fight?
Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night?
Do you wanna smoke till our throats are sore?
Make out and then talk and then make out some more?



one of my favs from the bell jar 

This is my favorite excerpt from Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”. I have this part all high lighted.

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Here’s a revamped version of an old comic. My friend and sometime collaborator Brad Pearson (who appears bottom left, page 2) noted how everyone at our school who I asked had an immediate answer to this question, and NOT ONE person said, “What void?”

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God we fuck up teenagers’ heads. We tell them that biological conditions are moral punishments and then we get all shocked when they don’t practice rational risk management of biological conditions. We teach them “sex is super desirable and all the cool kids do it, and it’s hideously shameful and will destroy your life” and we wonder why they act an eensy bit neurotic about it. If you tried to design a system for making sexually active kids confused and unsafe, you couldn’t do much better than the American media and school system.

And for once, the answer is relatively simple. Just talk about sex like it’s a part of life. Some people have sex and some people don’t, because people are different. STIs aren’t bad because they’re Dirty Crotch Rot; they’re bad because they’re contagious illnesses like strep throat or whooping cough, and you can ask a doctor to check for and treat them just like you would with strep throat. Unwanted pregnancy isn’t a scarlet A; it’s a mostly-preventable accident that sometimes occurs when people are going about their normal business of having sex. You can ask the school counselor about a variety of topics, including career planning, problems at home, questions about sex, or conflicts with teachers.

If we could just get the goddamn stick out of our collective ass and accept that sex is a human activity and teenagers are humans, maybe there wouldn’t be quite so many plaintive “I don’t understand my body and I’m confused and scared and I don’t know anyone I can ask in person” messages flying out into the world.


The Pervocracy - “Teenage Panic.”

Read the whole damn article. And for the record: I’ve been having PIV intercourse for over a year. The first time I put a used condom down without neurotically checking it for holes first? Last week. Because even as I know that I’m about safe as I could be, using two types of BC and all, there’s still that worry that despite all my plans, I’ll still get pregnant. It goes away the more you know, but there’s still that worry, and it takes a lot to unlearn it - I still haven’t.


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Nan Goldin. Mary and David hugging, New York City. 1980.

Nan Goldin. Mary and David hugging, New York City. 1980.

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mornings by Janelle Cordova on Flickr.


mornings by Janelle Cordova on Flickr.

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